Jed Pongpetch
Season Big Bodcaps 1
Place 13th
Votes Against 3
Alliances The Asin Mafia
Days 21

Eric Pongpetch (born April 17, 1998) is a professional singer and a former Best Memer. He also stars in Furry Dance Off Turned Deadly and has an alter ego, Trenton Flowers, who is a member of the famed band, The Outbackstreet Boys. FMK: Jed is exclusively about him and gave him spots in both FMK: Title Prep 1 and FMK: Title Prep 2. He was the first FMK voter to also be an FMK contestant. His eviction in Big Bodcaps 1 was significant because it happened when Shaylin used her idol on Dairy during Survivor Week despite her having immunity and Dairy having his own idol already.